Worship for the 5th Sunday in Lent, March 29, 2020

Welcome to worship this morning. The order for worship consists of a video with the greeting, prayer and scripture readings, a link for the psalm of the day- a psalm of hope and trust, a second video for a short homily, text for prayers of the day, and a blessing. The last video is an arrangement for one of the hymns chosen for today, #97, Christ, the Life of All the Living. May you be blessed in this time together.

Psalm 130

Prayers of the People:

Turning our hearts to God who is gracious and merciful, we pray for the church, the world, and all who are in need.

God of life, bind your faithful people into one body. Enliven the church with your Spirit and bless the work of those who work for its renewal. Accomplish your work of salvation in us and through us, for the sake of the world. Hear us O God, Your mercy is Great.

God of life, you love the world you have made and you grieve when creation suffers. Restore polluted land and waterways. Heal areas of the world ravaged by storms, floods, fires, droughts and other natural disasters such as earthquakes and viruses. Bring all things to new life. Hear us O God, Your mercy is great.

God of life, you weep with those who grieve. Unbind all who are held captive by anxiety, despair, pain, or illness. Fill us with compassion and empathy for those who struggle, and keep us faithful in prayer. Hear us O God, Your mercy is great.

God of Life, show redemption to all who watch and wait with eager expectation: Those longing for wars to cease, those waiting for immigration paperwork to finalize, those in dire need of humanitarian relief, and those preparing for childbirth in the possibility of doing so in isolation. Come quickly with your hope. Hear us O God, Your mercy is great

God of life, we give thanks for opportunities for this congregation to collaborate with our community in caring for the needs of our neighbours. Give us patience to physically isolate from each other so the vulnerable may remain healthy, give us wisdom to safely support each other in the covid-19 crisis, show us ways we can support community agencies and local congregations so all may live safely and with dignity. Hear us O God Your mercy is great.

God of life, you are our resurrection. We remember all those who have died and trust that, in you, they will live again. Breathe new life into our dry bones, that, we too, might live with you forever. Hear us O God, Your mercy is great.

According to your steadfast love, O God, hear these and all our prayers as we commend them to you; through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Sending Blessing : Now is the acceptable time. Now is the day of salvation. Holy God, speaking, spoken and inspiring, +bless you, unbind you, and send you in love and in peace. Amen

Go in peace; serve the Lord! Thanks be to God

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pastor for South Grey Bruce Lutheran Parish.

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