Worship Schedule for Holy Week

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Hello all

Grace and peace to you in this Holy week. The following is the schedule of worship events for our journey to Easter: On line participation is accessed through www.sweetlutheran.com (finding grace in surprising ways). Select ‘Blog” to find the worship services.

  • April 9 – Maundy Thursday: Worship on line.
    • A short liturgy and message will come from my dining room table, as we share word and remember the self-giving love of Christ.
    • This service will be posted for sharing at 6:30pm.
  • April 10 – Good Friday:  On Line worship
    • Pastor Pam will be sitting in prayer vigil from 6:00am – 9:00 am on Friday. (not filmed)
    • You are welcome to join in personal prayer in your home, on a time line that works for you. This will not be shared on the internet.
    • Please phone or email with prayer requests. All are held between you, your pastor and God.
    • Good Friday liturgy and message will be posted on Friday morning.
  • April 12- Easter Sunday: Worship on line with communion.
    • The service will be recorded at St Matthews (revised location) 
    • There will also be a celebration of Holy Communion.
    • Have bread and wine or juice ready in your home to participate in communion.
    • The communion elements, bread and wine or juice, will be consecrated by your pastor from the sanctuary of our church and we will commune with the people in our home. (This is much like the centurion’s servant who was healed from afar by the faith of those who loved them. Matthew 8:13)
    • Like manna, prepare only enough bread and wine/juice for those who will partake.

After Easter: we will continue to find meaningful ways to gather for worship as we do our part in maintaining safe physical distance. We anticipate with eagerness the joy of the day when we can be together in our places of worship, and celebrating in a special way, that coming together.

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