Sunday worship, Pentecost Sunday May 31, 2020

Hymn of the day #687 WOV, Gracious Saviour, Hear our Pleading.(words below)

Gracious spirit, heed our pleading, fashion us all anew. 
It's your leading that we're needing help us to follow you. 
Refrain: Come, come, Come, come, Come Holy Spirit Come
Come, come, Come come, Come Holy Spirit Come.
2. Come to teach us, come to nourish those who believe in Christ. 
Bless the faithful, may they flourish, strengthened by grace unpriced. Refrain:
3. Guide our thinking and our speaking done in our holy name. 
Motivate all in their seeking, freeing from guilt and shame. Refrain:
4. Not mere Knowledge, but discernment, nor rootless liberty; 
turn disquiet to contentment, dout into certainty. Refrain:
5. Keep us fervent in our witness, unswayed by earth's allure. 
Ever grant us zealous fitness, which you alone assure. Refrain:

Thankyou for joining in worship this morning. Worship music leader – Marlene Dietz and Dave Dietz. Thankyou to Shelby Farrish for her art reflection on the scripture reading. Even though we are worshiping outside our church, the building expenses continue. Please remember to support these expenses with your weekly tithe which can be mailed to: St Paul Lutheran church, Neustadt, 379 Adam St, Neustadt. N0G 2M0; St Matthew Lutheran Church P.O.Box 218 Mildmay, N0G 2J0; St Paul’s Lutheran CHurch, P.O.Box 66, Neustadt, N0G 2M0. May you be blessed richly this week.

Join us for a Pentecost Event at 4:00pm Eastern time. The link will be on the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada Facebook Page.

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pastor for South Grey Bruce Lutheran Parish.

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