Bible Book Club September 1

Week 1 responses: Genesis 1:1-11:26

Highlights of Bishop Susan’s reflection:

  • Genesis, the first ‘chapter’ of the Bible helps us understand the Bible as a whole
  • It begins with not just the chosen people of Israel, but rather with the entire creation
  • Through this we can interpret everything that follows
  • God has a purpose that is at work among the people of Israel,
  • God has a purpose that is at work through Jesus Christ
  • God has a purpose that is seen in all of creation
  • “For God so loved the world… “ (see John 3:16)
  • Genesis continues with tragic effects – God has created a world without sin and evil, but human beings did not trust God, and sin erupted.
  • Relationships at every level fell apart between human beings and God, among human beings, and between human beings and other creatures and creation


What was interesting as you read the passages this week – were you surprised by anything?

Where do you see evidence of God’s purpose?

Thanks for participating

Send your thoughts to to be included in the list of PRIVATE RESPONSES for our conversation.

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