Bible book club September 8

Readings for September 8-15

Abraham and Lot: -Genesis 11:27-14:24

God’s covenant with Abraham: -Genesis 15:1-18:15

Judgement on Sodom: – Genesis 18:16- 19:-29 (30-38) hot stuff!

Abraham, Isaac and Sarah; Hagar and Ishmael:- Genesis 20:1-22:24 The tangled webs we weave!

Sarah’s death; marriage of Isaac: – Genesis 23:1-25:18

These questions are provided to help think about the readings – answer one or two if you wish;

  • Genesis is made up of a lot of stories. Which story did you like best? Why?
  • What surprised you in reading this book and why do you think you were surprised?
  • What questions do you have after reading this book?
  • What other books does this book remind you of? – doesn’t have to be a Bible book
  • Which character in the book did you like best and for what reason?
  • Which character do you like least – and why?
  • Share a favorite quote from this book and say why it stands out. What does this quote mean for your faith?
  • What feelings does this book create?
  • If you had a chance to ask God one question about this book, what would you ask?

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pastor for South Grey Bruce Lutheran Parish.

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