October Book Club: Readings from Deuteronomy

Sunday: Deut 3 –

Monday: Deut 4:1–43

Tuesday: Deut 4:44–5:21

Wednesday: Deut 5:22–6:25- the presentation of the 10 commandments

Thursday: Deut 7

Friday: Deut 8–9

Saturday: Deut 10


What was the specific time setting- stated in the beginning of the book (verse 1:3)? What does it say about the situation that the Israelites faced at that time?

• “Deuteronomy” means repetition of the Law. What do you think was the purpose of renewal of the Sinaitic covenant to the second generation of Israelites (chapter 5)?

• Why would the Israelites worship a visible idol over an invisible God (chapter 13)?

• How does the Shema “Hear O Israel” in Deuteronomy 6:4–5 inspire you to hear and obey God today?

• Which laws seem peculiar to you? Which are most important?

Thoughts, ponderings and questions can be emailed to the pastor at: sgblparish@gmail.com

Published by paulandapolloswork

pastor for South Grey Bruce Lutheran Parish.

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