Worship service for February 21: Lent 1


Invite you to join in the order for confession & Forgiveness  (Rev. Brooklynn Lane)

Three in one God, Creator, Child, and Holy Spirit, ☩ We give thanks for your mercy and ask for forgiveness. Amen.

Loving God, Forgive us. We have neglected to see the face of Christ in our neighbour. We have walked past our neighbour and failed to recognize their humanity. We have forgotten that the web of life connects us all. Forgive us.

We are quick to anger, and to cast judgement. Our words pierce like swords when we speak from these places. We let fear, doubt, and lack of understanding guide our actions. Forgive us.

We confess our self-centeredness, and consumer driven thinking has turned us from you and your call for justice and love and care for creation. Forgive us.

God who meets us in the face of each person we meet, Who paints the sky with colours that calm the soul, Who creates a soundscape of rushing rivers, Who gives grace to the world through the winds of the Holy Spirit, Open our hearts to be transformed and changed.

You are forgiven. Through the love of God, in the name of God, ☩ your sins are forgiven. Baptism remains forever. God’s love is here!

Inspiring God, guide us to be agents of change, knowing that our decisions, our actions and inactions affect all people. Help us to have the courage and strength to move forward, to let our hearts and minds be overflowing with love, grace, and a deep awareness that you are with us, guiding us on the journey. Compassionate God, Three in one. – ☩ Amen



thank you for joining in worship. Serving today: presiding pastor Rev.Pam McNeil; Musician Linda Yenssen; custodian Eric Zimmerman.
Liturgy was provided by the Eastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and contributed by Rev Brooklynn Lane, Rev Dr Allen Jorgenson, Rev Martin Malina, and Rev. John Polacok.

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pastor for South Grey Bruce Lutheran Parish.

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