Vacation Bible Summer Music!

Lemonade: Theme song for week one

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On a summer day We’re just wishin’ the clouds away Sippin’ lemonade There’s a bumblebee Who’s a little in love with me Can’t you see? He’s bumble-umblin’ A-rumble-tumblin’ Buzzin’ along Not doing anything wrong He’s just singin’ his song Why don’t we sing along? He’s black and yellow A handsome fellow Spending his time With the flowers so fine He’s a bee in his prime Here with me sippin’ my Lemon and lime

We have got it made Swingin’ here in the summer shade Sippin’ lemonade A bubble I just blew Is a little in love with you And I am, too It’s bubble-ubblin’ And we’re just cuddlin’ Here on the swing We can do anything While we swingily swing We can singily sing The bubble’s popplin’ But we’re not stopplin’ We’re on a roll We don’t have any goal We’re just sittin’ here so We can sit here some more And more and more On a summer day We’re just wishin’ the clouds away Sippin’ lemonade

Week ONE: Lemonade

What Jonah Learned Inside the Whale:Theme song for Week Two

Jonah was a man He used to run away again and again He sailed across the sea and yet He ended up just getting wet And now he knows that If there’s one thing you can’t do It’s run away from love Cause love’s in every way And if there’s one thing you can do It’s live like love is here to stay Every day That’s what Jonah learned inside the whale

He learned that whales have no teeth But they do have great big tongues And God is underneath Everything and everyone That’s what Jonah learned inside the whale And that’s not just one heck of a fish tale It’s testimony that love will never fail even down inside a whale.

Week TWO: What Jonah Learned

Noah’s Lullaby: Theme Song for Week Three

The coyotes lay down in their lairs And the mice cuddle up with the koala bears And the crickets are singing their evening prayers So peacefully, sweet friends of mine

The giraffes are now closing their eyes As an elephant snores and a butterfly sighs And the nightowls are hooting their “who” lullabies So peacefully, sweet friends of mine

CHORUS: Last night I dreamed of rainbows Red, yellow, green, and blueAnd high up above in the sky was a dove Coming near with a new leaf of love Coming near with a new leaf of love

Yes, the zebras are getting their “Z’s” And the house cats are dreaming of the chickadees And the monkeys curl up with their chins on their knees So peacefully, sweet friends of mine

As the rain and wind blow overhead I know most of you’d rather be on land instead But just think of this rig as a big waterbed And sleep peacefully, sweet friends of mine


I know God will make everything right It’s been forty long days, and thirty-nine nights Who knows what will come with the new morning light So sleep peacefully, sweet friends of min Yes sleep peacefully sweet frineds of mine.

Week THREE: Noah’s Lulaby

Room to fall: Theme song for week four

I was livin’ alone, mindin’ my own Wherever I went there was my home Every day I was out in the fray I’m the shepherd who keeps the wolves away Away, away, away, away, keeps the wolves away

I was out on the range the day everything changed The Philistines came out on the plain They had one big son-of-a-gun Goliath made everybody run And run, and run, and run, and run, everybody run

“Let’s get this done, go one-on-one Goliath against your favorite son” None came fore, so I said sure God knows I seen wolves like him before Before, before, before, before, wolves like him before

Crowd gathered without a sound I picked up a good stone off the ground Just a boy with a slingshot toy But Israel soon shouted for joy For joy, for joy, for joy, for joy, soon shouted for joy

Now listen here, my friends so dear Let me make my point perfectly clear We may be small and our troubles tall But that’s just more room for them to fall To fall, to fall, to fall, to fall, room for them Room for them to fall They’re gonna fall and fall and fall and fall and fall Goliath’s gonna fall And fall though we may be small

Week FOUR: Room to Fall

All Sad Songs: Theme song for week Five

Its been all sad songs since you’ve left, I’ve cried and i’ve kept my sorrow so deep inside and ive swept up all of my pride. Sad songs since you’ve died.

It’s been all sad songs since you went away, I’ve been lost, and sleepin’ right through the day. This has cost me all that i had, Now the songs are all sad.

But then Mary came to our house of shame To proclaim that you were alive again and the grave was as empty and dark as my broken heart

Something deep inside of me so wanted to believe that the grave is as empty and dark as my broken heart.

I know all sad songs have another verse. It’s the one the heavenly choirs rehearse for that day when the broken will mend and the sad songs will end.

Not that we’ll forget those songs yet In a different key – we’ll sing differently In the music God has arranged All the sad songs will change

God will wipe away all our tears And banish the fears we’ve collected for all these years On that day when the broken will mend And the sad songs will end

Week FIVE: ll Sad Songs

Music: Theme song for week six

Chorus: We are going to a place where music fall and fills up everything And though it might be a long time I know it’s gonna be alright ’cause we’ve already started to sing.

Come and go with me we can walk togerthr we;ll climb any mountain brave any weather that place we’re going is a beautiful song and while we’re on our way we can sing along. Chorus:

And when we get there and join that choir everybody’s gonna be there Whole world on fire. Every light will shine on that endless day and we can sing through the night while we’re on our way.

Chorus x 3

Week SIX: Music

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