Worship for Thanksgiving Sunday, October 11, 2020 South Grey Bruce Lutheran Parish of the ELCIC

Title: Christ and the Lepers
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Gathering hymn Praise and a Thanksgiving be to God

Hymn of the day: LBW #679 For the Fruit Of All Creation

Thank you for being part of worship this day. May you be blessed in this gathering.
Worship leaders this day : Musician-Marlene Dietz; Communion Assistant-Paul McNeil; Presiding Pastor -Rev. Pam McNeil; Photo contributions are from members and friends of the parish

Hymns, Baptism liturgy, and prayers copyright held by Augsburg Fortress; Communion liturgy from Third Space Worship Community.

October Book Club: Readings from Deuteronomy

Sunday: Deut 3 –

Monday: Deut 4:1–43

Tuesday: Deut 4:44–5:21

Wednesday: Deut 5:22–6:25- the presentation of the 10 commandments

Thursday: Deut 7

Friday: Deut 8–9

Saturday: Deut 10


What was the specific time setting- stated in the beginning of the book (verse 1:3)? What does it say about the situation that the Israelites faced at that time?

• “Deuteronomy” means repetition of the Law. What do you think was the purpose of renewal of the Sinaitic covenant to the second generation of Israelites (chapter 5)?

• Why would the Israelites worship a visible idol over an invisible God (chapter 13)?

• How does the Shema “Hear O Israel” in Deuteronomy 6:4–5 inspire you to hear and obey God today?

• Which laws seem peculiar to you? Which are most important?

Thoughts, ponderings and questions can be emailed to the pastor at: sgblparish@gmail.com

Sunday Worship for September 27 the 17th Sunday after Pentecost

2006, Augsburg Fortress, Publishers, all rights reserved. Reprint/podcast permission under ONE LICENSE #A-736624 All Rights Reserved

Blessings to you this week. Thank you for being part of worship this day. Apologies for the quality of the video this morning. My recording device is reaching its maximum capacity and that limits the size of recordings I can download. Pastor Pam

Sunday Worship for September 20, 2020, the 16th Sunday after Pentecost.

This is service of word and communion. All are welcome to join in the celebration of Holy Communion.Prepare a table with a portion of bread and a measure of wine. Add a table covering and a candle to mark the occasion as special.

2006, Augsburg Fortress, Publishers, all rights reserved. Reprinted with permission under ONE LICENSE #A-736624 All Rights Reserved

Thank you for being part of worship today. Communion liturgy prepared by Third Space. Newsletters are available. Please contactPastor Pam if you would like one delivered. The potato harvest was successful, and a wonderful way to spend a perfect autumn day. Thanks to the Rehkopf family for this ministry of food And fellowship. Please remember your church with regular gifts and tithes.

Bible Study for September 16-22

stories of family situations, God’s faithful followers and God’s promise

Isaiah, Jacob and Esau: – Genesis 25:19-28:9

Jacob and Rachael: -Genesis 28:20 – 30:43

Jacob flees Laban: – Genesis 31:1-33:20

Dinah, daughter of Leah: – Genesis 34:1- 34:31

Jacob returns to Bethel 35:1- 36:43

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and questions at this email: sgblparish.com

Pastor Pam

Worship Service for a September 13, 2020; the 15th Sunday after Pentecost, Creation 2

South Grey. Bruce Lutheran Parish; St Matthew Mildmay; St Paul Neustadt; St Paul’s Normanby

Presiding Minister: Rev. Pamela McNeil
Lector’s: Emma Diebel, Jillian Waechter
Usher: Rob Rehkopf
Scholarship Presenter Glenn Jacques

Link to music for this morning.


Thank you for worshiping together this morning. May you be moved by the Holy Spirit in this time together. Apologies if the music video does not work. The song is titled ‘Love without End” and is performed by George Strait. Perhaps you can listen to it on YouTube. I am available during the week for conversation. Pastor Pam